The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

Bathroom Flooring: Building Materials You Could Choose Over Tile

Marian Moreno

When installing bathroom flooring, the staple material people tend to gravitate towards is tile. Ceramic tile in particular has remained popular over the years since it is an economical option that provides you with durability and easy maintenance. Nonetheless, tile does have its drawbacks, including having to contend with arduous grout cleaning if it is to remain attractive. Moreover, since tile is a favourite material, you will find that your bathroom appears similar to a majority of other bathrooms in your neighbourhood. Homeowners who are looking to create a unique appearance in their bathroom may want to consider alternative building materials. Here are some of the options that you could choose for your bathroom flooring over tiling.

Timber flooring

An assumption that most people have is that wood flooring will have no place in the bathroom. With the high moisture conditions, it will surely rot before its time, right? This assumption is not entirely correct. The trick to successfully using timber in your bathroom is to know what type would be best suited for this application. Firstly, you should steer clear from any softwood species as these have a high moisture absorption rate. Instead, seek out engineered timber materials.

This type of timber comprises of wood chips that have been mixed with plastics and resins. The resultant product provides you with the appearance of wood flooring but with the added advantage of water resistance. Moreover, engineered flooring comes in various wood grain patterns so you can be assured of finding flooring to match the aesthetic you are seeking.

Vinyl flooring

Another excellent flooring material that you could choose for your bathroom is vinyl. A misconception some people may have about vinyl is that it is not attractive. Although vinyl is generally considered a totally practical choice, technological advancements in recent years have vastly improved its appearance, which gives homeowners the flexibility to be as creative as they want with their vinyl flooring. The vinyl comes in a wide assortment of colours, and you have the option of choosing different texture profiles depending on the visual interest you would like to create. Moreover, vinyl is available in various forms, such as sheet vinyl and tile alternatives.

An added advantage of vinyl is that it is an economical option. The affordability of the vinyl makes it within reach of homeowners who may be redoing their bathroom on a tight budget. Lastly, vinyl flooring is extremely low maintenance as well as waterproof.


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The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

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