The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

Should You Add Epoxy Flakes to Your New Floor?

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If you really want to transform the look of your property and make a great impression on all your visitors, you should think about resurfacing some of your floors with an epoxy flake coating. It'll work well for many applications, will be hard-wearing and be a great investment, but what do you need to know before making a decision?

Add Epoxy Flakes

Epoxy flakes are essentially irregular chips that are used as a form of decoration and protection within a new epoxy floor. They are typically made from acrylic and vinyl resin and give the same general look as granite once added to the mix. Some manufacturers choose to use quartz or metal to create these flakes, which can generate a unique or be used in different applications. Still, no matter what type of epoxy flake flooring you choose, you can look forward to some significant benefits.

Choose Your Options

There are many epoxy colour flakes available, and your choice will depend on your property's design and aesthetic. You may also need to consider the underlying floor type and condition, as some colour flakes are better at masking or hiding imperfections than others. So, if you want to conceal some cracks or patchwork in a concrete base, you should add flakes to an epoxy coating.

Add Durability and Enhance Traction

You can also vary the number of flakes to give your surface more durability. In addition, they are relatively resistant to impact and can provide a certain amount of traction. Therefore, if the area in question can sometimes get damp, epoxy flakes could add traction to the surface, making accidents less likely.

Reduce Noise

Epoxy flakes are also good at helping to cut down noise in the environment. So, if you're working with a space with bare walls, ceiling and floor (such as a garage), these flakes could help dampen the sound and reduce echo.

Install Epoxy Flake Flooring

Skilled contractors will use a specific approach when installing epoxy flooring and adding flakes on top. They will always introduce these chips carefully and ensure that they are uniform before adding a clear topcoat to finish the work.

Discuss the Options

So, as you talk with your contractors about epoxy flooring, discuss the benefits of colour flakes at the same time. You'll be able to customise your property so that it looks unique, and you will be delighted with the finished outcome.

To learn more, reach out to an epoxy flooring service provider near you.


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The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

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