The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

A Few Simple Tips for Preserving Your Home's Timber Flooring

Marian Moreno

Timber flooring is very durable and strong, and may need very little maintenance over the years, other than occasional sanding and the application of sealant. However, the way you treat and maintain your timber floors will be a very important factor when it comes to its durability and longevity. A few simple mistakes can actually ruin hardwood floors, whereas using the right products and cleaning techniques can prolong a floor's life and keep it looking its best. Note a few simple tips for preserving your home's timber flooring.

Avoiding scratches

Keep your pet's nails trimmed, as they can easily leave scratches in the floor. If you allow a baby or your children to play on the floor, put down a protective mat or a soft blanket, as even a baby's rattle or set of blocks can scratch the floors.

Remove your shoes at the doorway and never walk across the floor in high heels, or with shoes that have rough soles and heels, as these can also cause gouges and actually scrape the floor. You might also track in sand from the beach, salt that is used to remove snow, pebbles, gravel and other such rough and damaging debris from under your shoes when walking on your hardwood floors. Invest in a nice shoe rack or whatever else is needed to ensure you can leave your shoes at the entryway.

Keeping moisture levels low

Even a sealed timber floor can absorb moisture and humidity from the air, allowing the wood to expand and then shrink; this can cause cupping and bowing, as well as chipping, cracking, and other such damage. Invest in a good dehumidifier for the home and ensure you keep it working during humid summer months to avoid this damage.

Cleaning regularly

Never use a vacuum cleaner that has what is called a beater brush, or a rotating brush under the head of the vacuum, or that has rotating brushes, as both these types of brushes will be very stiff and scratchy and will damage wood floors. Also, never mop your timber floors with water, as this will leave watermarks behind; in some cases, these cannot be polished but the floor must then be sanded. Instead, always use a dry dust mop for cleaning. There are also vacuums meant specifically for timber floors; these won't have any type of brush but will just use suction to pull up dirt and dust and other debris.


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The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

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