The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

Top 4 Reasons You Should Install Vinyl Floor Tiles in Your New Home

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Need help with choosing the right floors for your new home build? There is a wide variety of flooring materials and products available on the construction market today. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can be easily overwhelmed with the choices available to you. This is why you should shop with specific flooring options in mind.

One of the most popular flooring choices among homeowners in Australia is vinyl floor tiles. These floor tiles offer an array of advantages that make them the perfect choice for many modern homes. 

Here is a look at a few of those advantages. 

Low-Budget Option

There is a range of budget-friendly flooring options available out there, and vinyl floor tiles are definitely one of them. Besides being relatively cheaper to buy than other types of flooring products, vinyl floor tiles are also cheaper to install. This is because these floor tiles typically don't need underlayment—they can be installed right under the subfloor!

Excellent Durability

Cheap price tags are typically associated with substandard quality products but vinyl floor tiles are an exception. These floor tiles are designed to provide good durability for the cost, as they resist water, stains, and scratches. With proper installation and upkeep, they can provide many years of service before requiring a replacement.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the durability of vinyl floor tiles may vary from product to product, depending on how each product was manufactured.

Minimal Upkeep

Unlike high-maintenance flooring options, such as real wood floors, vinyl floor tiles require minimal care to keep looking pristine and to last for many years to come. No special floor care products are required to look after your floors—you only need to ensure that it is regularly vacuumed and damp mopped to prevent dirt buildup.

Aesthetic Value

If you can afford to spend a little more on your flooring installation, you can choose from a range of vinyl floor tiles that come with decorative surface finishes meant to improve the beauty of your floors and home interiors.

Vinyl floor tiles can be made to mimic the look of real wood or natural stones, giving your home a luxurious look at a lower cost, for example.

As you can see, vinyl floor tiles are a great flooring option for your home. However, they should be properly installed and maintained to last long and continue looking nice. An experienced flooring contractor can help you install and look after your vinyl floor tiles so you can get the most out of your investment.


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The Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

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